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With Midwest Fertility Center's In Vitro Fertilization treatments, you can be sure that your family's happiness is our foremost priority.

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In Vitro Fertilization at Midwest Fertility Center

The Premier In Vitro Fertilization Solution Provider


The United States had its first encounter with In Vitro Fertilization on the year 1981. Since its introduction, couples confronted with infertility have been given a new vestige of hope. Now if you are in Illinois or Indiana and looking for an expert practitioner of the IVF technology, you should look no further than Midwest Fertility Center.

Midwest Fertility Center is a pioneering institution, never failing to bring quality health care services to couples who are having difficulty bearing children. The In Vitro Fertilization programs at our practice continue to advance with changing technology and scientific advancements, ultimately contributing to the over increased success of fertility treatments. This means that our ability to fulfill your dreams is constantly improving. 

The workforce of Midwest Fertility Center is composed of elite health care providers who have all been selected through rigorous evaluation measures. Our group of skilled physicians, embryologists, nurses, ultrasonographers, psychologists, and In Vitro Fertilization speicalists are all dedicated to do one common ideal: excellent service.

Midwest Fertility Center does not simply hear out their clients’ concerns, but rather, understands how nerve-racking infertility issues can be. It can destroy a social life, career, and even marriage. However, with the help of In Vitro Fertilization, couples can spare themselves such painful experiences. We do everything we can to make our office a supportive, welcoming environment, and try our best to plan appointments without interrupting our patients’ day-to-day activities.

Many fertility centers today make false promises to their hopeful clients but, in the end, fail to deliver what they pledged. However, with Midwest Fertility Center, you can trust our substantiated assurances. Armed with cutting-edge facilities and equipment, ample knowledge and utmost dedication to service, the staff at Midwest Fertility Center continually revives lost hope of infertile couples.

About Midwest Fertility Center

Spearheaded by Dr. Amos Madanes, Midwest Fertility Center brings excellent service to couples with its mass of highly-trained and committed specialists. It has superior capacities in many IVF solutions, and is widely acclaimed for its second-to-none health care services. Midwest Fertility Center's objective is to strengthen the bond of couples and help them build a whole new family with a little angel.



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If you are interested in any of our programs or fertility treatments, contact Midwest Fertility Center today at 1-800-244-0212.

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