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Infertility Treatment


Infertility affects more than three million couples nationwide. Current studies show that the incidence of infertility is rising nowadays. About 10% to 15% of couples in the reproductive age are infertile.
Infertility is classified into two types: Primary infertility, a woman that had a baby before (60% of infertile female patients), and secondary infertility - a woman who has previous pregnancy (40% of infertile female patients).
Some factors must be taken in account in order to evaluate one's fertility – ovulation, female egg health, strong sperm and the ability of the latter to get into the reproductive system of the female companion.


More important factors to one's fertility health are his/her general health, as well as the frequency of intercourse. The last two factors impact about 1/7 of the patients.
Moreover, the most important cause of infertility, worldwide, is the female’s age. Women that are 35 years of age or older tend to have lower likelihood of conception, while younger women have a much higher chance to conceive (80 percent chance of conceiving in the first year of attempt.)

Most of infertility patients, given treatment, can be referred as "Sub fertile" which means they can achieve pregnancy resulting live birth. A small percentage of couples will be referred as "sterile", which means that to have children they will need to use donor sperm or oocyte “egg” donation or surogacy.
Some causes of one's "sterility" – Absent uterus, No sperm or non functioning ovaries as mentioned, those would required participation of a third party for sperm or egg donation or for surrogacy.  
Unexplained infertility has escalated to between 10-20%.
Current studies show that the incidence of infertility is rising, this is probably due to 4 major factors.

One is the increasing will to postpone childbirth until a woman has finished establishing a decent career.

Second is the rise of sexually transmitted diseases which may damage one's sexual organs permanently.

Third is the increasing obesity worldwide.

Fourth is the declining of sperm count resulted by pollution, estrogenic industrial waste, etc.

Here in Midwest Fertility Center we offer the most advanced infertility treatments. We specialize in IVF treatments, and hold the state-of-the-art technologies.
Please contact our clinic for any further questions. Also we will be happy to offer you a free consult, No strings attached.



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We provide more than just fertility treatments at our Chicago and Northwest Indiana centers. For couples trying to achieve pregnancy, our practice also offers several excellent programs to improve all areas of our patients’ health.

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